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Let Finley Jayne Speak for You!

IGC 01There’s no one more qualified to speak for you before the Inter-Galactic Conress. The more you discover about this political entity the more we believe you will want Finley Jayne to speak for you. After all, who else is there who knows the intricacies of the Inter-Galactic Senate. With sole proprietary knowledge of the political entity Finley Jayne is the only one capable of manipulating the system to best fit his and your needs. If you’re looking for more information about the Congress you may want to visit our explanation of the Senate on our About the IGC Page.

If you’re still not convinced we’ll be uploading our campaign photos from fitting photo shoots taken with a number of every day people from around the globe:

  • Finley Jayne kissing a baby.
  • FInley Jayne at a Homeless Shelter Ribbon Cutting
  • Finley Jayne before the Inter-Galactic CongressĀ in the Alpha Centauri Solar System on Huesbaine
  • Finley Jayne helper his aged mother-in-law out of her wheelchair
  • Finley Jayne defending the cause of the alien
  • Finley Jayne looking good and taking names

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