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Glancing at the Future of Transportation

We are in the 21st century where every day marks a beginning for something new. New technology is being worked on every day while old technology gets obsolete. Researchers and innovators are always busy looking for better solutions to everything and transportation is not far behind.

Humanity has a come a long way from horse drawn carts and carriages but transportation is still that sector which has undergone changes which can be only be termed cosmetic when compared to the breakthroughs made in the field of telecom, health care or entertainment. We now have advanced cars and high-speed trains or better aircraft and larger sea vessels but their basics have always remained the same. Advanced cars still
need fuel and to be driven manually while high-speed trains still need rails. However, we have many brilliant minds with their innovative ideas working towards the future of transportation and here we will look at what the future is planning for this sector.


Imagine being able to travel from London to Leeds or from Seattle to Baltimore in within a few hours. Unbelievable right? Well, it will be a possibility in the near future when you step into an air less Hyperloop’s container that travels at 800 mph speeds. The urban concept
has evolved to a design and then to a concrete idea that has people working on it. It is the modern version of the subway but only quieter and cheaper, requiring low maintenance and leaving a lesser footprint that of traditional roads.

Maglev Trains

Traditionally there were steam engines and now there are diesel or electric ones that travel at much faster speeds but none of these high-speed trains can match the velocity of a Maglev train. Magnetically Levitated trains are already operational in China that travels at
310 miles per hour speed and cause negligible noise and air pollution. Right now the issue is with the high cost of development and its inefficiency of stopping periodically and alternatives to reduce costs are being considered.

Automatic Vehicles

We all cherish the idea of owning our first car but would cherish more when that car learns to drive itself. Ford and Cadillac are already working on such cars while Google has partnered with Lexus and has its own fleet of 24 such cars which can stop at signals, change speeds and look in all directions at once. All that prevents this idea to be
implemented on a large scale is insurance issues which once are ironed out can
make this dream a reality.

Urban Transportation Pods

Some are well to do and they can afford an Uber or a private cab every day, most are not and they have to wait in line for public transports like pull cars or buses. Transport Systems Catapult is the company that aims to develop transportation pods for daily commuting. Each pod will hold 1 person who needs to set destinations in the touchscreen and dive
into daily news while the pod takes him to the set destination. Although slowly, innovations in the transport sector have slowly started to take shape and will arrive with a bang in the near future. Let’s just hope we are ready for the ride of our lives.

Kitchen Technology

There are two perspectives to take when deciding on updating your kitchen: technological appeal or earth-friendly appeal. Do you want to bring your appliances and kitchen space into the 21st century via convenience and ease or is your vision more environmentally friendly? Does your future kitchen look like an episode of the Jetsons or Swiss Family Robinson? Although you may want a combination of the two, one is usually more important to you and your goals for your kitchen technology.

The Jetson Appeal
With the mention of the future, many people envision a kitchen that is open and metallic that magically cooks food and cleans itself. Technology and craftsmanship have advanced to the point where this is becoming more practical.

From built-in docking stations to wireless appliances, touch screen pads and internet access common in phones and computers are sneaking into the kitchen. Ovens with “culinary centers” on a digital display supplies culinary guidance narrowed down by food type and even the type of pan used.

Stainless steel surfaces sink with unique shapes, and faucets with LED lights continue the space-like design.

Specialized machines, often with sensors to aid the cook, have become commonplace. From bread makers with programmable routines for creating perfect loafs to mechanized wine openers to electric ovens with push-button controls, machines have become indispensable in the kitchen. Even the measuring cup has gotten a technological upgrade, with new electronic models able to do conversions on the spot.

Machines have also eliminated the need to hand wash dishes. A person can just put the dirty dishes in, turn the machine on, and come back to find clean dishes. Many of the newer dishwashers have programmable settings and sensors that detect when dishes are clean. In fact, dishwashers have become so common now that they may even seem mundane.

The Green Aspect
Some people view a futuristic space as one that not only captures nature inside but also benefits the environment outside. Like before, advances in skill and artistry have allowed kitchens to minimize its carbon “cook-print”.
Solar panels, built-in recycling bins, garden spaces, and water purification systems that turn runoff from sinks and washing machines into water for plants both inside and out are enabling the kitchen space to be more self-sufficient.
Using sustainable, eco-friendly materials and incorporating patterns that mimic nature helps the home blend with the environment around it.

Countertops Can Go Either Way
Regardless of whether you want an aviation space look or you want to have more of a mother-nature appeal, the countertops usually cover a large area and can indeed bring the kitchen together.

Stainless steel and copper/brass can provide the ease of maintenance and cleaning while providing a shiny “space” look. Concrete and recycled glass also require light upkeep but delivers a more earthy feel.

To ensure the success of your remodeling adventure a proper installation is essential. Finding professionals that are knowledgeable and skillful to handle the task will aid in building your dream kitchen into a physical reality with little or no stress for you. Research to find the proper cleaning methods for the particular type of material you choose to guarantee the beauty and longevity that is possible.

Technology versus literature

A lot of people have no problem investing a lot of money in technology as well as books and reading the material. They may be building a library or a collection they can share with friends and family. However, there are also quite a few people who enjoy reading but do not feel comfortable spending a lot of money on books. Since they may only read the book once and only be using it for a short period, they do not think spending on books is a good investment. If you fall into the latter category, there are still plenty of ways to fit literature into your life at no cost. One of the best ways to get free literature is to take items that are printed for sales purposes. Brochure holders and brochure displays can provide hours of reading entertainment, and they cost nothing to get. When you are out and about, look for free giveaways and literature to add to your collection.

technologyAnother place where a lot of people enjoy reading for free is the public library. While your tax dollars go toward the upkeep and supply at the library, you can borrow the books without buying or pay a fee to borrow. Since you are paying taxes whether you use the library or not, you might as well make the most of it. Many libraries do not put a limit on how many books you can borrow at one time and those that do usually keep the limits pretty high. There are plenty of people who remember lugging home piles of books from the library as a child, and you can just continue to relive those memories as an adult, reading for free.

If you prefer the look and feel of fancy glossies, magazines would be your reading material of choice. There are plenty of places to get free or dirt-cheap magazines. Libraries often sell old magazines, and if you are unable to find them there, you may be able to find them at a thrift store, yard sale or community flea market. While the information may not be as timely, many magazines just recycle story ideas year after year; so much of the information will still be applicable.

Books swaps are a great way to enjoy time with friends and get books for free. You can even find books swaps online. That’s where the technology helps. Book swaps allow you to trade reading materials with other thrifty readers. If you find a book swap that offers reading materials in your favorite genre, it may feel as if you have hit the literary jackpot.

Finally, trade books with family members. If you have relatives that read, you can share books with them. Make an agreement with other readers in your family that as you finish books, you will pass them along to each other to expand your library. Most readers love sharing a good book with others, and this gives you an organized way to do this and not have to spend any money at all.