Glancing at the Future of Transportation

We are in the 21st century where every day marks a beginning for something new. New technology is being worked on every day while old technology gets obsolete. Researchers and innovators are always busy looking for better solutions to everything and transportation is not far behind.

Humanity has a come a long way from horse drawn carts and carriages but transportation is still that sector which has undergone changes which can be only be termed cosmetic when compared to the breakthroughs made in the field of telecom, health care or entertainment. We now have advanced cars and high-speed trains or better aircraft and larger sea vessels but their basics have always remained the same. Advanced cars still
need fuel and to be driven manually while high-speed trains still need rails. However, we have many brilliant minds with their innovative ideas working towards the future of transportation and here we will look at what the future is planning for this sector.


Imagine being able to travel from London to Leeds or from Seattle to Baltimore in within a few hours. Unbelievable right? Well, it will be a possibility in the near future when you step into an air less Hyperloop’s container that travels at 800 mph speeds. The urban concept
has evolved to a design and then to a concrete idea that has people working on it. It is the modern version of the subway but only quieter and cheaper, requiring low maintenance and leaving a lesser footprint that of traditional roads.

Maglev Trains

Traditionally there were steam engines and now there are diesel or electric ones that travel at much faster speeds but none of these high-speed trains can match the velocity of a Maglev train. Magnetically Levitated trains are already operational in China that travels at
310 miles per hour speed and cause negligible noise and air pollution. Right now the issue is with the high cost of development and its inefficiency of stopping periodically and alternatives to reduce costs are being considered.

Automatic Vehicles

We all cherish the idea of owning our first car but would cherish more when that car learns to drive itself. Ford and Cadillac are already working on such cars while Google has partnered with Lexus and has its own fleet of 24 such cars which can stop at signals, change speeds and look in all directions at once. All that prevents this idea to be
implemented on a large scale is insurance issues which once are ironed out can
make this dream a reality.

Urban Transportation Pods

Some are well to do and they can afford an Uber or a private cab every day, most are not and they have to wait in line for public transports like pull cars or buses. Transport Systems Catapult is the company that aims to develop transportation pods for daily commuting. Each pod will hold 1 person who needs to set destinations in the touchscreen and dive
into daily news while the pod takes him to the set destination. Although slowly, innovations in the transport sector have slowly started to take shape and will arrive with a bang in the near future. Let’s just hope we are ready for the ride of our lives.

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