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About the IGC

Galactic Senate – Fictitious Governing Entity

The Inter-Galactic Congress is not to be mistaken with the Inter Galactic Senate from the Star Wars collections. It is real governing body of entities under which the inhabitants of the Alpha Centauri Solar Systems and a few of the nearby galaxies – including the galaxies known to our terrestrial scientists as Ursa Major II, Barnard’s Galaxy, Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and Andromeda I.

There are many places one can go to see our work in the galaxy. Redistribution of uninhabited stars, setting up spacial fences in inhabited solar systems preventing greater decay of planets that are prime for populating, and looking to the interest of interplanetary refugees are among the prime objectives of the congressional committee that I have been a volunteer for for the last decade.

I am in the fundraising phase of my campaign and would appreciate any donations you would like to contribute to the further operation of the IGC and my particular agenda within the confines of this governing body. You can follow all my latest updates on the campaign at my Twitter account. We send out an intergalactic newsletter twice a┬ámillennium – it’s hard to get around to writing so frequently when I’m traveling around the solar system at a terrestrial time warping pace. For a greater understanding one might take an introductory course on Spacetime and the Axisymmetric Spacetime Continuum.

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